A Whirlwind Tour of Different Types of Law
Various types of law govern all aspects of our society. There are laws specifying what is acceptable in a country or state for individuals, companies, organisations as well as for public officials or the government.The different types of law specialisations are introduced to law students during their basic law degree, that is the Juris Doctor or J.D in the US and Bachelor of Laws or LLB as in countries such as UK or India.

Law graduates can choose to gain further knowledge in one of the many types of law such as international law, tax law or human rights law by undertaking a Master in Laws degree or LLM course. Correspondingly, there are different types of lawyers who act as specialists in roles such as tax lawyers or civil rights lawyers.Read on to find out more about the different types of law specializations and Check out for the most qualified and unbeaten criminal and DWI attorney to handle to most DWI offense cases. Get introduced to areas such as legislative or statutory, commercial and international laws.

Different Types of Law – A Glimpse
Here's a list of some important law specialisations.
  • Commercial Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Anti-Trust Law
  • International Law
  • Statutory or Legislative Law
  • Tax Law
Let's take a look at some of the above types of law

An Introduction to Legislative or Statutory Law
In democracies, the Parliament or Legislature is supreme. When the legislature formulates an act of law, it is referred to as a Statute or legislation. Such a law is called a legislative or a statutory law. Parliament itself can amend or overrule statutes with another act of legislation.

Sometimes a statute or legislation can be challenged in a court if it is against the country's constitution. For example, a law in Illinois, US, which made it a crime to record conversations without consent, was ruled as being "unconstitutional" by Cook County Judge in March 2012. Various types of law can be promulgated as a legislative act.

Commercial Law – Regulating Businesses and Trade
All aspects of a commercial organisation or a business are regulated by laws. Functions such as financial transactions, resource and labour management and contracts are bound by rules specific to a country. These regulations make up commercial law. Within this type of law, there are many aspects such as banking, commercial disputes, and contract law.Commercial law also applies to trade and financial transactions between individual countries. The World Trade Organisation (WTO) oversees and regulates international trade

 International Law – Across Nations
The conduct of countries, multinational companies and individuals across the globe comes under the umbrella of international law.
When countries sign international agreements, they become bound by the terms and conditions of those agreements. Disputes between countries such as on water-sharing and trade can be taken forward to institutions such as the International Court of Justice or the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Members of the United Nations also adhere to certain international laws such as Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Multi-national companies also come under this type of law for their global operations. The subject of law is a vast one. The myriad types of law ensure the need for specialist lawyers. Do explore this website to find out about more about the various law specialisations. Also read about legal education and law career options.

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